Consulting services

We advise, support, accompany our clients in :

  • acquiring additional know-how, processes or other capabilities from Europe or India in order to enter new segments
  • entering the Indian or European market


You have identified a target territory or segment and wish to validate its potential, evaluate the resources to apply or acquire, and define and implement an entry strategy.

We advise and support you at all steps required towards achieving your goal :

  • market environment survey and analysis (competition, barriers, trends, etc...)
  • internal capabilities audit
  • feasibility study
  • entry strategy recommendations
  • partner search criteria definition
  • partner search
  • commercial and industrial audit of the short-listed partners
  • convergence / divergence points identification in the context of our client's project
  • partner approach recommendations and proposition formulation
  • negotiation support (distribution agreement, license, JV, M&A, etc...)
  • drafting of legal documents and other implementation support

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